Blue Shell Cup Season 1 - Tournament #3 - Qualifier #1

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• IG Chat Channel is "BlueShell1"
• Main Server is EU

• Join our Discord Server for easier communication : Discord Blue Shell Cup
• Any negative behavior, harassment, cheating or abuse of rules will be punished severely.

--- Prize pool ---

Donations can increase the $200 pool. Here is the baseline below.

• Winner 1st place : 60%

• 2nd place 30%

• 3rd place 10%

Partnered with OSC, you can also gain points :

• 1st 200 OSC points 

• 2nd 120 OSC points

• 3rd 80 OSC points

• 4th 40 OSC points

• 5-8th 20 OSC points each

• 9-16th 5 OSC points each

+ OSC $ Bounties

+ Points towards Participation Prizes

--- Match rules ---

• Matches are played on the ladder map pool.

• Qualifiers are played in BO1, then BO3 for Ro32 and up. Final bracket will be BO3 then BO5 Semifinals and Finals.

• The upper seeded player in a match is player A, the lower is player B.

--- Veto/Pick process is as follows :

• BO1 : A B B A B A - final map is picked.

• BO3 : A B B A - B A then final map.

• BO5 : A B - B A B A then final map.

• If a player is disconnected in the first 2 minutes of the game, you can restart a new game. All other types of issues will require both players to resume from replay.

• As some players use in-game chat for disruptive purposes, we ask players to limit communication while in game.

--- Format rules ---

 [I] Double - Single elimination bracket

• This type of tournament will happen over two weekends. Two qualifiers the first weekend, and final playoffs the second weekend. The top 8 players from each qualifier will be seeded into the final bracket.

[I-A] Qualifiers

• The brackets will be seeded randomly.

• The brackets will be double elimination.

• Qualifying spots : top 4 winner bracket + top 4 loser bracket.

• A check-in period of 1h or 30min will be applied. Please remember to show up.

• The matches will start right when the admin will voice about the bracket being final in the dedicated channel and/or Discord channel.

• Please set your in game availability so that other players and admins can contact you at any time.

• Casters alongside admins have the rights to ask you to wait up to 10 minutes for them in order to cover your series.

• Please use the same name on / Discord you subscribed with on the tournament platform, or warn admins of your different nicknames.

• Walkover time: 15 minutes, 10 in the loser bracket.

[I-B] Playoffs

• Players will be seeded according to their results in the qualifiers and OSC Rankings. Generally as follows but can be reviewed and reseeded if necessary (1/2 = Qualifier 1 or 2, ABCD = Winner bracket qualified, EFGH = loser bracket qualified).

• 1A vs 2H, 2B vs 1G, 1C vs 2F, 2D vs 1E, 1B vs 2G, 2A vs 1H, 1D vs 2E, 2C vs 1F.

• This tournament does not require check-in time but it requires you to show up at specific times to align with the stream coverage.

• All the match times will be announced before the playoffs occur. Warn admins if you have an issue with said times.

• Please let the veto/pick result be known to admins 5 minutes before your planned match time.


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